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"Feed your head, before you lose your mind"

John Bonham, Tous En Scene, 1969.


"Cops are just doing their job" always struck me as weird because it implies that somehow the fact that they are harassing, killing, and imprisoning people, enforcing institutional racism, and destroying communities is less morally reprehensible if they do it for money.


matching icons for you and your friends


Best of Steven during the “60 minutes” interview.

Nicolas Demeersman aka Pretty Punk (b. 1978, Seclin) Worldwide ongoing Fucking Tourist series 2009-2014 Captures The Resentment Of Locals With A Simple Gesture. (Info with each pic)

everyone: why are you in love with all these old men? why don't you like boys your age??
my brain: (they're not just "old men" they're incredible musicians)
my brain: (they're music has captured my heart completely)
my brain: (they were young once and stupendously gorgeous)
my brain: (they will always be beautiful in my heart)
my brain: (I'm not trying to be creepy, the music means everything to me)
my brain: (boys today do not impress me, the styles, the attitudes, the music and culture, I'm just not impressed)
me: oh uh, I just love the music... uh... *too hard to explain* that's all...



The sequel to Mean Girls looks pretty good. 


take a chill pill, your honor


Well behaved women rarely make history

-Eleanor Roosevelt


"wheres your homework"


"why is your room so messy"


"why do you always look so tired"